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Our approach

C&C Alpha Group (CCAG) is an international private equity firm with its headquarters in London as well as offices in India and the UAE. CCAG was established to serve as a holding company for a group of private investors who have been in the business of venture capital funding for over 30 years. Our experienced team includes entrepreneurs, strategy consultants, project managers, project developers and financial analysts.
With a proven track record of successfully incubating businesses in the fields of Aviation, Banking, Healthcare, Hospitality, Real Estate and Utilities across the globe, CCAG aims to create stakeholder value via organic growth and strategic partnerships, backing strong management teams, and pursuing opportunities that create long term value.

We take a mid-to-long term view on our investments. Exits come via recapitalisation, partnering with top-tier private equity firms or by listing. We have an entrepreneurial approach with a strong risk appetite. We back pure start-ups in both emerging and well-established markets, but also invest in turn-around situations which require operational or financial re-engineering.

Our areas of expertise

Training, technology &
equipment solutions.


Community & fully digital
banking platforms.


Dedicated, niche
healthcare services.


Exceptional hotel &
restaurant assets.

Commercial & residential developments.

Desalination & wastewater technologies.

"We take pride in incubating star projects and helping them move from entrepreneurial risk-taking to structured growth"
Bhanu Choudhrie

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