In the healthcare sector, the focus for C&C Alpha Group is on developing new, high-quality, specialised and niche healthcare services, both in the UK and overseas.

Increasing global prosperity, lifestyle changes and the ageing of the baby-boomer generation is fast changing healthcare needs and systems around the world, increasing demand for services.

CCAG believes that over the coming decades, premium and specialised healthcare services in particular, will provide attractive development opportunities, therefore developing international healthcare ventures to cater for this demand is hugely important.

Alpha Health Care is our single site healthcare facility in the UK. Alpha Health care provides an integrated approach to the social and health care needs of elderly people suffering with dementia.

¬†Alpha Health Care’s focus is on the provision of Specialist Complex Dementia care for the elderly and the asset has grown to become a local leader of specialist dementia care and within this has created a business model and platform for continued growth.

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